A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A strange man wakes up in a strange dungeon within the Tower of Gloom. Having his heart set on escaping, he meets the lively inhabitants of the Tower that to him seem determined to stop his escape. Will our courageous protagonist be able to escape the Tower of Gloom ?

Made using Renpy. Takes about 3 hours, maybe a little less.
This game is loosely inspired by Sailor Moon.

It doesn't really matter what I put here, does it? Simply download the game and see for yourself.


TowerOfGloom-win.zip 75 MB
TowerOfGloom-mac.zip 74 MB
TowerOfGloom-all.zip 93 MB
TowerOfGloom-linux.tar.bz2 64 MB


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Really makes you think. I enjoyed myself quite a bit, but this seems like something I would have enjoyed much more back when I was a depressed sack of shit and wanted to kill myself because I was too ineffectual to make any lasting changes in my life. Very relatable. Also I think the author is a pretentious asshole, but in a good way.

5 out of 5 stars.