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Many are hesitant to download a project like this. They may not want to commit to downloading something they might not like. I have heard many complaints about the file size, which I have subsequently reduced. But even at 60 mbs, there is a time:quality ratio that players calculate to decide whether to commit to playing a game. Even though download rates have improved, it's not enough.

Everybody should play The Show Must Go On, because it's a masterpiece. I truly believe this.

And so, I've made it accessible to as much people as possible, by turning it into a flash game. The Show Must Go On is now a flash game. Perhaps that is always what it was meant to be.

It works on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Other browsers, such as a Pale Moon, may not have the WebAssembly support needed to run it.

Nevertheless, it is plenty playable. The saves are easy enough to import and export, and the other direct download methods are still up.

I plan on posting this game to as many aggregate sites as possible. Though the era of flash gaming may be over, surely there are some remnants scouring the old sites in a hazy nostalgia, looking for the game that can excite them the same way they felt in the days of yonder. Perhaps they will find what they seek.

As always, I welcome feedback, whether positive or negative. It is how I improve as an artist. Please contact me at I always reply to fanmail.

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Jul 07, 2020

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