Small Update

Reduced file size.

>PC download went from 326 mb to 79 mb. A large change, to be sure, but I believe it can still be further reduced.  This time, I changed the audio files from wav to ogg, which vastly reduced file size. I want to change the png images to a different format, but every time I run them through a converter, they increase in file size instead. I'm presently at a loss of how to fix this, but it is something I'm working on.

NPCs now have arms.

>A strangely prevalent complaint. My initial intent was to make the NPCs appear silhouette, but it seems I failed in that regard. This should make them less of an eyesore. Additionally, some male NPCs now carry weapons.

Fixed coloring on some scenes. 

>Very minor change, not worth discussing.

Files 61 MB
Jun 06, 2020 78 MB
Jun 06, 2020

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